You are currently viewing Handover Ceremony 20 Tractors to the farmer group of the LACP in Thulakhom District, Vientiane Province.

Handover Ceremony 20 Tractors to the farmer group of the LACP in Thulakhom District, Vientiane Province.

The handover ceremony was held on 09 July 2021 at Phonkham Secondary school, Thoulakhom District , Vientiane Province and honored to attended by Mrs. Chanthaboun Phosalath, Provincial Party Committee, Chief of Vientiane Provincial Organizing Committee and also in charge of comprehensive work in Thulakhom District, Mr. Phouvong Bounsou,  Deputy governor of Vientiane province, Mrs. Vongdeuan Wathaso, the mayor of Thoulakhom district, Mr. Somok Norchalern, director of department of agriculture and forestry of Vientiane province, Mr. Panisone Samountry, Deputy Head of Project with the leadership of the relevant departments at the provincial level, the committee in charge of the project, the leadership of Thulakhom district, members of the production group and relevant organizations at all levels. The LACP Project in Thoulakhom district is considered as a project that is very important to contribute to the recovery socio-economic recovery the district, especially in the agricultural sector, after the project began to be implemented since 2018. 20 tractors to be handed to the framer group this time is a Kubota L5018 which the project supported 80% or 16.000 US dollar per group. The tractors are technically standard and durable, it will become an invaluable asset for the people of the city, especially farmers to reduce the use of human labor, and to facilitate the production of machinery in the form of modern industrial machinery. At the end of the hand-over ceremony Mr. Phouvong Bounsou, Deputy Governor of Vientiane Province, also called on the district leadership as well as the project committee to supervise the maintenance management of the tractor assigned to the members this time to make the performance of the vehicle long-lasting, as a source of management to keep the vehicles from being damaged and to be inspected and repaired to target the use of the car to achieve maximum benefits to the project. Aiming to make the vehicle performance long-lasting to target the use of vehicles to achieve maximum benefits per project.