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Lao Agriculture Competitiveness Project (LACP) is one of the leading Project and assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Objective is to enhance the Competitiveness of selected agriculture value chain in the project area.
LACP is a website that contains all information related the project, through this website user will be able to see: regulation, announcement, news, publication, media and other useful information of the LACP, which users can view and download.

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Wrap-up meeting for the 4th implementation support mission of the project

On 18th June 2020, Lao Agriculture Competitiveness Project (LACP) organized the wrap-up meeting for the 4th Implementation Support Mission of the project. The half-day meeting …

Learning Exchange Workshop on Geo-mapping Technology and Geo-tagging Technology

From the period of 17-21 February 2020, the Lao Agriculture Competitiveness Project participated learning exchange workshop on the use of Geo-mapping Technology and Geo-tagging Technology. …

NPMO field visit on supporting and encouraging to proposal Investment Plan

From the period of 06 to 08 May and 13 May 2020, Project Coordinating Committee work on encouraging and monitoring Investment Plan of Farmer group …